About Us

Welcome to Spekner Farm. We are a family run farm in Byron, California in far east Contra Costa County. We raise rare geckos, pigeons, chickens, ducks, geese, chinchillas (pets only please) and grow a variety of crops. We also raise feeder rats, mice, rabbits used in the reptile pet industry. Someday soon we hope to have dairy goats, a cow or two and some sheep. Although we are not a certified organic farm, we choose to grow everything here naturally free of pesticides and insecticides and let our chickens range free or in large open enclosures (to keep breeds separate). We are also establishing a permaculture garden and orchard to grow healthy food for our family, for our livestock, and hopefully to share.

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Pigeon Farm

Pigeons are our passion here at Spekner Farm. We work with over 80 breeds of pigeons from the Giant Runts to the tiny Figurittas and everything in between. Our goal here is to preserve the breeds we enjoy from disappearing and to share our passion for pigeons as a hobby and as a farming business with others. We are so excited about pigeons, that we want to share just how fabulous these birds are with the whole world.

Pigeon sales are by appointment only. We try to keep most appointments between Wednesday and Saturday from 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. We are a working farm, and do not always have spare boxes on hand, so please bring your own cages or boxes to bring your pigeons home.

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Pigeon Galley